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Лали (Lali) - фиджийский барабан.

It was an important part of traditional Fijian culture, used as a form of communication to announce births, deaths and wars. A smaller form of the lali drum (lali ni meke) is used in music. It is also an idiophone and a membraphone. Lali drums are now used to call the people of an area together. The lali drum is made out of wood and played with hands or sticks but, most commonly played with sticks which are also made out of wood.

Made by excavating a log and leaving crosspieces near either end. Lali ni meke are beaten with two sticks called i-uaua, made of softer wood than the lali ni meke to avoid damaging it. Larger lali, up to two metres long, were for general communication, while smaller ones like this, easily carried, were for certain ceremonial occasions and for dancing.

Lali is also a Persian word meaning "ruby".

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Фиджи, 5 центов, 1986-87