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Райские птицы (лат. Paradisaeidae) — семейство птиц, которые относятся к отряду воробьинообразных. Всего 45 видов, 38 из которых встречаются только на Новой Гвинеи и мелких прилегающих островах. Родственники райских птиц являются шалашники, еще одно семество похожих птиц.

The Greater Bird of Paradise, Paradisaea apoda is a large, up to 43cm long, maroon brown bird of paradise with a yellow crown, dark emerald green throat and blackish brown breast cushion. The male is adorned with large yellow ornamental flank plumes and a pair of long tail wires. The female has unbarred maroon brown plumage.

The largest member in the genus Paradisaea, the Greater Bird of Paradise is distributed to lowland and hill forests of southwest New Guinea and Aru Island, Indonesia. The diet consists mainly of fruits, seeds and small insects. A small population was introduced by Sir William Ingram in 1909-1912 to Little Tobago Island of West Indies in an attempt to save the species from extinction due to overhunting for plume trades. The introduced populations survived until at least 1958 and most likely are extinct now.

Carolus Linnaeus named the species Paradisaea apoda, or "legless bird of paradise", because early trade-skins to reach Europe were prepared without feet by natives; this lead to the misconception that these birds were beautiful visitors from paradise that floated in the air and never touched the earth until death.

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